Positioned 2 Prosper will cause a disruption in your negative thought process or what you may have thought to be prosperity. Each chapter is designed to catapult your thinking to a place where true prosperity awaits. Prospering in every area of your life is the manifestation of what God desires for all. The mind, will, emotion, intellect and imagination are just a few areas that most women may not recognize as part of soul that should prosper.

 As you prepare for this journey with your sister friends just know that we are real women with real issues that have sought out real solutions that work and if you dare to join this journey and work consistently and on purpose you too will become Positioned 2 Prosper.  

Pastor Clarance & Tanya Johnson
Transformation Church International 
 Well, my wife has a copy and I know it says For Women By Women but I just finished it and I loved it. This is a blessing for whomever reads it. The truth and principles and life lessons shared in this book are good for the body of Christ. Pastor Clarance Johnson

Endorsement by Dr. William E. Flippin

This new book is so relevant and full of practical illustrations that it is a must read. Late last year, a dear friend who pastors in Maryland (Dr. Haywood Robinson) introduced me to Dr. Breakthrough.  After just a few conversations, I asked him, “man, where did you come from, and why haven’t I heard about you until now?”  Then, a month or so later, I met his lovely wife, Nadia, and I asked her, “is he excited, full of energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration all the time?”  Well, my inquiries to my questions were answered, but I have witnessed personally that Dr. Stan and Nadia Harris are some “for real people.”  I had Dr Stan speak at our Church and if you are a Pastor or Business owner, I urge you to have him speak for your group. Not only do they teach prosperity, they model it. You can almost hear Dr. Stan and Nadia reading each word to you personally and urging us “to get on board.”  Wow, what a refreshing work that deals with prosperity in a healthy way that is Biblically and practically supported.
Dr. William E. Flippin Senior Pastor, Community Leader, Life Coach, Travel Consultant

Afterword by Dr. Haywood Robinson

At the bottom of the “Sermon Notes” page of many church bulletins, is the question, “What shall I do as a result of hearing this message?” It is a “Call to Action!’ However the voice of God manifests itself to us we should respond. By its very sacred nature, The voice of God demands and deserves our response. Such is the pattern throughout the Scriptures. Joshua, Noah, Moses, the widow of Zarapheth, Abraham, Samuel, Nehemiah, Mary, even Lazarus, responded to the voice of God. Through their responses they were Positioned 2 Prosper.  God is speaking to His people through this work, which is founded upon His Word. Using an array of Scriptures, supplemented with stimulating stories to amplify the powerful life principles contained therein, Dr. Stan and Nadia Harris uncover, underscore and unwrap the “gift” of God’s Desire and Design for YOUR Prosperity.
 From the strategic placement of man in the Garden of Eden to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, God’s original and optimum intent for mankind is internal, external and eternal prosperity.
Through Prayer, Perspective, Preparation, Partnerships, Passion, Purpose, and Planting YOU can experience the Prosperity that God has in His mind for YOU. Once His Plans become Your Passion, then Your Desire becomes His Delight.
Sprinkled throughout the book are websites, webinars, books, phone numbers and other resources to compass you along the way. Maximize them. A wealth of wisdom and an ocean of opportunities await you. Of course, you can schedule Dr. Breakthrough and Nadia to come to your country, city, company, or congregation. They’ll be sure to leave their signature, indelible impression, which is “guaranteed” to catapult you and your people into action and abundance.
GET POSITIONED 2 PROSPER! Why not “Do It TODAY?” Better yet, …”Do It — NOW!!”

Dr. Haywood A. Robinson III Senior Pastor, People’s Community Baptist Church- Silver Springs, MD

I'm filing for a Divorce!

After much evaluation of my life, my past, my present and visualizing my future It is imperative for me to move forward. I realize I can’t move forward while being hindered and distracted by my past failures, hurts, mistakes or my present issues. So I have filed for a Divorce.
  • I am divorcing fear and Marrying Faith
  • I am divorcing hurts, pains and Marrying Healing
  • I am divorcing lack and Marrying Abundance
  • I am divorcing insecurities and Marrying Self Confidence
  • I am divorcing negative thoughts and Marrying Positive Affirmations
  • I am divorcing anger and Marrying Happiness
  • I am divorcing unbelief & Marrying Belief in Myself
  • I am divorcing death of dreams and Marrying Life (Live In Freedom Everyday)
  • I am divorcing religion and marring the Kingdom
    Dr. Breakthrough & Nadia
  • As my husband Dr. Breakthrough says (who I will never divorce) I am divorcing my past and Marrying My Future!!!
This divorce is FINAL!!!!! Is there anything you need to Divorce?

I am now Marrying Prosperity, Health, Happiness, Love, Success, and Infinite Money!

Nadia M. Harris a.k.a Ladybreakthrough
Purpose 2 Prosper (sample chapter)
Prospering in your purpose has to be one of the most fulfilling assignments in life. Knowing that you are walking in your specific purpose is exciting. It is a place in life that you feel a sense of fulfillment and you enjoy what you are doing, it’s your calling.

You have a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it. There is something you can do better than anyone else in the whole world – and for every unique talent and unique expression of that talent, there are also unique needs. When these needs are matched with the creative expression of your talent, this becomes the spark that creates affluence.”
“When you combine the ability to express your unique talent with service to humanity, then you make full use of your purpose. And coupled with the experience of your own spirituality, plus the field of pure potentiality, there is no way you will not have access to unlimited abundance, because that is the real way abundance is achieved.”

You were born with a God-given purpose and fulfilling that purpose must be your primary mission in life. Your fulfillment, satisfaction and peace of mind are all tied to that purpose!


                                    (sample chapter)

   Proper mindset is a Prosperous mind

Preparation is so important to your prosperity; the best way to prepare to prosper is having the proper mindset.
Proper mindset is a prosperous mindset. Ask God to help you develop a biblically accurate, prosperous mindset. Programming your mind for success does not happened automatically. Each day you must choose to have a positive mindset and set your mindset in the right direction.

5 New Ways to Look at Success

1.  Value “fulfillment” more than “success.”Success, especially in our culture, is often defined by the external – money, job, titles, and possessions.  Fulfillment is about living with purpose, using your strengths, tapping your passion.  Follow your dreams and focus on being of service.

2.  Aim for excellence, not success.If you live in the moment, aiming to be your best and do your best, success will surely follow.  The old adage, success is about the journey, not the destination, holds true.  In what way(s) are you focused on getting to the goal line, but not doing your best on the way there?  Start focusing on being your best in each moment and with each step, and the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that follows will leave no room for regrets.

3.  Measure it by your own standards, not society’s.Get specific.  At this stage of your life, how do you define success?  Consider the five key areas of your life – relationships, work, finances, health and spiritual.  Identify one measure in each area that will let you know you are succeeding.  For example, “praying together as a family every day” might be a spiritual measure, “saving 15% of my income” might be a financial measure, and “doing work I love” could be a measure of success at work.  Take a moment to jot down your specific measures of success right now.

4.  Ask, “What’s my impact?”One indicator of success is making a positive difference in the world.  Serving in some way is the greatest thing we can do.  “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve,” Martin Luther King, Jr. once said.  How is someone’s life better because they cross your path?

5.  Is my success making me a better person?If you learn from the mistakes along the way, and persevere through the tough times, your journey to success will ultimately make you a better person.  When you face obstacles or disappointments on your journey, do you get bitter or better?