Afterword by Dr. Haywood Robinson

At the bottom of the “Sermon Notes” page of many church bulletins, is the question, “What shall I do as a result of hearing this message?” It is a “Call to Action!’ However the voice of God manifests itself to us we should respond. By its very sacred nature, The voice of God demands and deserves our response. Such is the pattern throughout the Scriptures. Joshua, Noah, Moses, the widow of Zarapheth, Abraham, Samuel, Nehemiah, Mary, even Lazarus, responded to the voice of God. Through their responses they were Positioned 2 Prosper.  God is speaking to His people through this work, which is founded upon His Word. Using an array of Scriptures, supplemented with stimulating stories to amplify the powerful life principles contained therein, Dr. Stan and Nadia Harris uncover, underscore and unwrap the “gift” of God’s Desire and Design for YOUR Prosperity.
 From the strategic placement of man in the Garden of Eden to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, God’s original and optimum intent for mankind is internal, external and eternal prosperity.
Through Prayer, Perspective, Preparation, Partnerships, Passion, Purpose, and Planting YOU can experience the Prosperity that God has in His mind for YOU. Once His Plans become Your Passion, then Your Desire becomes His Delight.
Sprinkled throughout the book are websites, webinars, books, phone numbers and other resources to compass you along the way. Maximize them. A wealth of wisdom and an ocean of opportunities await you. Of course, you can schedule Dr. Breakthrough and Nadia to come to your country, city, company, or congregation. They’ll be sure to leave their signature, indelible impression, which is “guaranteed” to catapult you and your people into action and abundance.
GET POSITIONED 2 PROSPER! Why not “Do It TODAY?” Better yet, …”Do It — NOW!!”

Dr. Haywood A. Robinson III Senior Pastor, People’s Community Baptist Church- Silver Springs, MD