Endorsement by Dr. William E. Flippin

This new book is so relevant and full of practical illustrations that it is a must read. Late last year, a dear friend who pastors in Maryland (Dr. Haywood Robinson) introduced me to Dr. Breakthrough.  After just a few conversations, I asked him, “man, where did you come from, and why haven’t I heard about you until now?”  Then, a month or so later, I met his lovely wife, Nadia, and I asked her, “is he excited, full of energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration all the time?”  Well, my inquiries to my questions were answered, but I have witnessed personally that Dr. Stan and Nadia Harris are some “for real people.”  I had Dr Stan speak at our Church and if you are a Pastor or Business owner, I urge you to have him speak for your group. Not only do they teach prosperity, they model it. You can almost hear Dr. Stan and Nadia reading each word to you personally and urging us “to get on board.”  Wow, what a refreshing work that deals with prosperity in a healthy way that is Biblically and practically supported.
Dr. William E. Flippin Senior Pastor, Community Leader, Life Coach, Travel Consultant