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                                                 Nadia M. Harris & Dr. Stan Harris

Hello and thank you so much for visiting my site. I am Nadia MeChelle Harris a wife, mother, author and serial entrepreneur just to name a few of the many hat's that I enjoy wearing. I have always had a love for writing anything from, fiction to non-fiction, novels, self-help, you name it I enjoy putting it in a book. After meeting so many amazing people and listening to their desire to write and publish books as well, I figured this may be a way to solve a problem. After talking to my amazing husband he encouraged me to take a seminar on publishing your own books. 

After the seminar I was so motivated to help as many people as I possible could by helping to make their dreams come true by helping them to publish their books.  So I stepped out on faith and put my best foot forward and took off running. I launched Positioned 2 Prosper Publishing Company in 2010 with publishing my first book, Testimonies of the Heart and after that I published many, more of my own books. 

In 2011 I began ghost writing and publishing books for other authors as well. It is such an amazing feeling seeing a completed book project for the many individuals that I work with. (There is nothing like being a part of assisting someone in making their dream of becoming a published author come to fruition). 

I personally over see all of the book projects and I work with a team of like-minded professionals who also have a desire to make sure each author is completely satisfied with the finished project. We work hand in hand with the authors and we strive to be great at our passion. And that is publishing books.

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